We build affordable housing for working families. Success starts with homeownership. We make homeownership possible.


Economic Development. Community Benefit Activities. Social Service Programs.

If you want to move people, it has to be toward a vision that’s positive for them, that taps important values, that gets them something they desire and it has to be presented in a compelling way so that they feel inspired to follow.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Collectively serving over 30,000 people annually, the TCDC churches are involved in numerous economic development agendas, community benefit activities and social service programs. Plus, each church is linked with many important referrals and resources throughout the Bay Area. Programs are created and designed to promote safety, stability, security, and self-sufficiency for underserved and disadvantaged residents in diverse neighborhoods throughout San Francisco.



Promote continuous learning of many subjects targeting youth to seniors. Programs include workshops and seminars to address financial literacy, home ownership, parenting, budgeting, retirement strategies, tutoring and afterschool activities, to name a few.

health and wellness

Nutrition workshops and exercise classes, awareness and prevention counseling, information and referrals and support for those living with Aids, HIV, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, glaucoma prevention and those in recovery. 


To assist in obtaining jobs and self employment opportunities. Counseling, job search, resume writing workshops, skill building classes, and referrals to educational, entrepreneurship and vocation training, academic enrichment and college prep. 

homelessness prevention

Emergency shelters and transitional housing referrals for at-risk families, people in recovery and ex offenders transitioning back into the community and providing shelter for nearly 300 homeless individuals and families nightly. 

social services

Assorted agendas created to meet urgent and critical needs of the community and include food banks, housing, child care, parenting, adult day care, after school youth enrichment activities, family therapy and legal counseling, etc. 

In jail and re-entry

A model approach for transitioning individuals, both men and women, from jail back into communities in San Francisco with the ultimate goal of reducing the number who are re-incarcerated for new convictions.